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2003-01-06 // 10:33 a.m.



I been doin this D-land thing for eight months! It doesn’t even feel that long. Maybe if I wrote more consistently it would.

Anyway,if you been here before, you already know everything that's on this page, so you can just go on ahead and click dis.

For those of you new to my lil piece of cyberspace, I’ll get y’all caught up Cliff Notes-style.

Macdiva starts Diary as a way to deal w/ her body obsession, employment angst, broken heart, and all the other everyday bullsh*t a stressed out 20-something with thick lips and hips has to deal with here in BKNY… (dats Brooklyn) Here’s what ya missed…

Mac's diary starts out as a diet log but loses momentum and she decides to start from scratch. She looks to Anorexia for inspiration and resolve.
(Man! Was I trippin’!)

Blind date reveals the diva as a little more shallow that she had even realized.
(Dude wasn’t doin it for me. Sorry. He just wasn’t.)

The source of Mac’s pre-dland broken heart resurfaces. The result: wacky-ass nightmares and a stream of Friday night pity parties for one. Eventually, dude reveals himself as a true asshole. Mac’s post relationship guilt soon disapates as she starts to feel a lil better about not having him around.

Mac’s dieting efforts begin to show results. But, since self-sabotage is Macdiva's specialty she soon dives headfirst off the Weight Loss Wagon. Entries on this subject become increasingly more sporadic and then disappear all together.
(Honestly... Who the hell wants to read… “Dear Diary, My thighs still scare me. xxoxo… macdiva”? Not me.)

An unexpected Booty Call peaks Mac’s interest. They date for a while, but alas, it doesn’t work out. He turned out to be a pathological liar with more than a few stalker-like tendencies.
(Isn’t that ironic?)

About a minute passes and Mac meets a new guy. He’s married. He has children. He lives far away. Clearly this person is NOT the one. Well… Mac’s heart has a mind of it’s own…

And that’s where we are now.

Okay... Now all you new people (and the old ones that I know prolly read this whole entry even though I told y'all in plain English to click dat thing up top) can go on ahead and click dis.


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