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06.24.2003 // 3:49 pm



I just wrote this long entry all about how DC IMed me all the gory details bout how he had to suffer through this really bad blow job last night since I never called him back and how shawty was wack and how it hurt so bad he had to end up just stoppin the chick, goin to the bathroom and handlin his business on his own. But then my screen froze and it all disappeared. It was hilarious, though. It really was. (LMAO)

Anyway, I'm just surprised at my reaction to it. It was straight comedy as far as I was concerned. It really didn't bother me in the least. Oh, I'm sure he was hoping it would. Why else would he tell me? I really do like the fact that it didn't though... yeah me!

Oh... I probably should have mentioned in my earlier post, I don't plan on humpin anybody on Thursday -- Cali or Hubby. I'm wondering if not telling y'all that somehow skewed your responses. Bleek thinks it may have. I don't know. Hubby is definitely in the lead though.

Oh... and shout outs to all the shy mutha fuckas who send me emails instead of notes. I know my diary is the online equivalent of the Jerry Springer Show... heads embarrased to admit they addicted and shit. LMAO!! But it's all good... love is love.


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