... help a sista out

06.24.2003 // 9:26 am


I got a lil problem y'all. I got 2 dates for this Thursday night.

One is part duex to my Sunday afternoon jump-off. The other is my very first date with my future husband. No... for real... I'ma marry dude. I know I am. He's the TOTAL package... or atleast it seems that way. I won't know for sure until I go out with him. I been tryin to get him to ask me out for a month now... and today he did!

So here's the bind I'm in. Dude number one is leavin on Friday night to go back to Cali. He won't be back for a month. But he did get six really good hours worth of the MACDIVA on Sunday. My Husband on the otherhand, lives out here, BUT is leaving on Friday morning to visit family in Kentucky and won't be back for two whole weeks. Therein lies my dilemma...

Cali is da bomb and I'd love to spend one more night with him before he goes back to the west coast. But Hubby... that's an investment right there... What he has goin on is a REAL good look for me right now... I could work with that so I don't want him to think I'm frontin on him and just give up and sh*t. I been playin by the rules for a month now and it's about to pay off. So what do I do? Y'all know I don't ever come on here askin for nobody's advice, even though heads be givin it to me anyway. lol. But this time, I'm askin... who do I roll with on Thursday??

C'mon y'all... help a sista out.


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