... WTF?!

05.08.2003 // 3:48 pm


After having experienced all that I have with DC, (the good, the bad, the totally fucked up) why on earth did I respond to him the way I did yesterday? (By the way, this is just a sort of stream-of-consciousness thing... you know... thinkin out loud. Please don't feel compelled to actually answer that question... hell... I can't even answer it and it's my damn life) Anyway, we talked about everything that led up to us having relations... how it was destined to happen... how he stopped because he "came to his senses" (yep... those were the words he used) and all the things he wanted to do but couldn't because he "knew he was wrong" (uh huh.. another direct quote). We hashed out quite a bit and eventually he asked me. I knew he would...

"Would you do it again?"

That's gotta be the second dumbest thing I've ever heard. The dumbest ever? My response...

"Yes. I would."

Okay... Can somebody please tell me when exactly I lost my gotdayum mind? No really? When? I mean... I don't feel stupid. Yet, clearly, my brain ain't functionin like it should. How do I even have a job? I should be in a home somewhere eatin lead paint and collectin SSI checks!



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