... her pretty mommy

05.20.2003 // 12:26 pm


Ever have one of those days when you just can't find anything to be happy about? Days when it seems like no matter what you do or what kind of spin you try and put on it, your life still doesn't amount to crap?

Well I woke up this morning convinced that I was gonna have one of those days today. I dreamt about him last night and woke up feeling lost in my own bed. Add to that the fact that I overslept having the damn dream AND had to ride the crowded ass bus downtown with a screaming baby and you can understand why I figured...um... yeah. my life is definitely crap.

I did eventually get a seat on the bus though...right next to the screaming kid. I swear I was just about to lose my mind when he looked over at me, stopped crying and said, "Look! Her pretty mommy!"


So my life isn't totally crappy after all.


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