... work?

06.10.2004 // 2:13 pm


Yo, on the real, I need to start doin some more work at my job. Or at least figure out how to make it look like I'm doin more work. I been keepin it casual, crackin the little jokes here and there and what not. Its all a part of me makin work barable. I ain't gonna lie. When I'm at the job, I will find everything else in thge world to do except my damn job. I hate workin. So I'll be on here. I'll be on ebay. I'll be visitin folks at their desk and shit. But just now, for like the third time, Africa made this little joke about folks wonderin what I do all day. LMAO! The first time I was like, okay. But the the second? And the third?? Nah man. I gotta step up my game. I ain't stayin too long, but I'm not tryin to have them oust my behind before I'm ready. Shoot. I need my job.


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