... pathetic and sad

06.15.2004 // 2:59 pm


I had a defining moment in my existence yesterday, and lemme tell ya, it was truly sad.

So I'm on the platform sittin on this bench wit my girlfriend waitin on the train. I look up and I see this beautiful man walkin towards me. All of a sudden I recognize dude. We went to high school together. (Even messed aroound for a minute, but nuthin serious.) But for real, Man-Man NEVER looked this good in high school!!! Conversely, I never looked so WACK in high school!!! Besides the extra weight, I had my hair rolled up in this tired lookin bun in back of my head. I was like a gazillion degrees in the station so I was sweatin like freakin Ruuuben! Ugh!!

I was so thoroughly disguted with myself in that moment. I just turned my head away and waited for him to walk by. Unfortunately he didn't. He walked right up next to my bench and stood right over me and smiled! I wanted to die. Just drop down dead right in the damn train station. We small talked for about 30 seconds before my train pulled in. I gave him my card and he said he'd "holla". Oh brother.

Here's the worst part. As he takes my card and walks away, I am so paranoid about him turning back and looking at me that I back away from the bench and hold my big ole' bag in front of myself so he can't see how truly gigantic I have gotten since school. I got on the train and ranted for about 10 minutes to my friend. It was truly sad... pathetic and sad.


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