... which one?

12.04.2003 // 11:16 am


Saul has this Barry White voice that he puts on whenever he's on the phone with a female. At first I found it annoying, but now I find it kind of amusing. So this morning he comes in and gets a phone call...

ring! ring! ring! (crazy realistic, right? LOL!)

Saul picks up and immediately I know its a chick.

He's like, "Yessssss... this is he. And to whom am I speaking?" All smooth and shit, ri. Then he TOTALLY fucks it up!!!

"Oh really? My soulmate? Hmmm... Which one?"

(big ass pause)

"Uh... hello? Hellooo?"

LMAO!!! I swear! Niccas never cease to amaze me!


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