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11.13.2003 // 3:05 pm


I been sick as a damn dog for the last few days. I came in today because I have a bunch of stuff to prepare for tomorrow. I told myself I wasn't gonna log onto my IM today, for obvious reasons. Well of course I did. I ignored dude for about an hour and a half. Then he got mad

DC (11:34:38 AM): so you just gonna ignore me like that?
DC (11:34:41 AM): like i aint even online?

I found that funny since back in April, that nicca acted like I wasn't layin in the same freakin bed wit him! Whatever.

So there's this cutie I share my office with now. I found dude attractive or whatever, but I wasn't tryin to get wit him or anything. I'm just chillin right now. Well, DC knows about how when I first got here I had a baby-crush on dude. So, this mornin, cutie walks in and tells me this joke bout some mess that happened to him at the bank before he came in. It's funny, so I tell DC. Nicca goes

DC (12:41:21 AM): yall went to the bank together??

Now did I say I went to the fuckin bank? No! I didn't! I swear, this nicca could fuck up a wet dream! Completely missed the damn joke, steady wonderin if I went to the bank with this guy. What the fuck?! And if I did? Is that somehow too intimate? He's so fulla shit! He acts like everything is so private and top secret yet in the beginning claimed that "a real friendship"... one like ours... isn't supposed to have any boundaries... like we were a part of something new and progressive... open and honest... bullshit!

He tripped the other day when I referred to his cousin by his name. He was all confused like, "How you know his name???" Obviously you said it at some point Nut-Nut!! Do I look like Cleo to you!?? But that's just an example of the stupid little petty shit he feels the need to hide from me. Mind you, I know his mother's full name, job title, address, phone number and email! Talk about shit for brains! LMFAO!!!!!!!

Anyway, ever since I realized he was actin all 007 wit his, I started responding in kind. I figured, fuck it, I'll give as good as I get, right? I used to refer to my family, friends, ex-boyrfrineds all by name. I shut that shit down. Never said another name again. I refer to the cutie in my office as "Q". (Some folks know him as Saul.) So why did this nicca come right out and ask me

DC (12:45:00 AM): what's his real name?

LMAO!!!! I'm such a sucker, I told him. In part, I wanted to see how he was gonna relate it to the joke that he obviously didn't give a shit about. He never did. Shit, He never even tried. Just asked me and that was it. Just a nosey bastard! Next time I'ma tell him to ask "wifey". Asshole. I refuse to refer to her as that now. In here I started sayin "his wife" or "the mrs." But to him I refer to her as, "Your Old Lady". Oh well! LMAO!!!!

I know I probably seem crazy as a fuckin loon, but that's how I feel sometimes. Sometimes I love him more than I can even express. Other times, I just wanna suck a fuckin pepper and spit in his eye! (Oooh damn. That was harsh!) Hey, by the end of our converstion I was told that on a scale of 1 to 10, my Intensity Level was a 7. Apparently a 7 isn't too bad, but I "get too emotional too fast".

Hmmm. That must be why I hung up on his ass.


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