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06.02.2004 // 3:24 pm


I put a diamond ring on layaway. It's 1.25 carats, set in platinum and fucking gorgeous. It's a combination of brilliant and baguette cut stones. It's not a cluster though. The setting is hot. I've been wanting it for a long time, and finally have enough for it. But instead of just going in and snaggin it, I've decided to use it as motivation.

It's too small for me right now and needs to be sized up to accomodate the disgusting little snausages I try and pass off for fingers these days. I was gonna let them do it, but then decided I'm not gonna pick it up until I am able to slip that baby on the ring finger of my right hand as is... no sizing. No cheating either. It doesn't count if I can stuff it on my finger and then have to use soap and water to get it off. I want to be able to slip it on with ease. So, I'll just keep "puttin a l'il bit on it" until the day I go in and it fits the way I want it. So, wish me luck. I really wanna bring my baby home soon.


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