... I'm a cheap a$$

04.22.2007 // 7:36 am


I am not dead...

Coal is a jackass and I am totally over him...

Shyte at the job a.k.a. "The Hole" is crazy. Bytches still hating, got audited by the Region TWICE...

Met a guy we'll call Jurmany. He seemed to have some potential at first, but alas... I was wrong. (Yes, again!)

Met another guy, "Brownstone". Fucked up and started likin dude REALLY fast. Has more potential than Jurmany, but I don't trust him. I've noticed a few things that have my spidey senses tingling a little bit. I definitely have some trust issues though, so I need to make sure it's not just me bein a baglady again. Since I haven't actually got anything definite, I'm just gon play my position and see what happens.

...Oh yeah. I'm older than both of these fools. I got beat Brownstone by 5 years and Jurmany by 8! Hahaaaa!!! Gotdayum... I'm a cougar!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

Man, a hell of alot has happened since the last time I was in here, but I've been talkin more than I should to people I definitely should not be talkin to. When I caught myself doin that shit I said its time for me to get back to this dland shyte. This is my therapy. I'm a cheap a$$... I know. Lmao!!


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