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03.23.2008 // 3:34 pm


I have been writing EVERYTHING in my freakin Sidekick and then emailing it to myself for the past six damn months. I really do need to wean myself off that shit. I think they put heroine on the keyboard or some shit. I swear.

Anyway, I am not sure how to go about posting all this stuff up here. I really want to though. I just have this fear that I'm gonna fck up somehow and lose it all. we all know how anal retentive I can be about certain things, I'm sure you understand. I'll probably just end up posting huge chunks of it with the dates and times and junk. We'll see. I just dont feel like posting each entry as a separate post. that mess would just take entirely too long.

Oh... and I'm having issues with the server that hosts my images. So right about now, my sitchyation is truly jacked up.

10.25.2007 // 3:34 pm


Pics back up. Yeah! =)


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