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11.09.2006 // 2:37 am


I can't sleep. No matter what I do I can't get comfy. So I'm up sidekickin'. (Hee hee! I just made up a new word. )

K. So here's some of the background info...

September 2005...
~~~ lost a ton of the most ugly, depressing, oppressive pounds. (If you wanna know how, get at me on email. I'm not bitchy. I'm willin to share the info. If ur shy, you can just sit tight til I put it in a whole other entry. I'm definitely gonna do it for those that are interested.)
~~~ got a new gig workin in a school where the girl to guy ratio is about 10:1. (Not all of these individuals are available or attractive but apparently that don't stop 'em from gettin their freak on. Um hmm. That'll prolly be in a whole other entry as well. You know what, that's gon happen a lot so when it does, I'ma just say "w.o.e.")

December 2005...
~~~ was labelled the unofficial Hot Girl of the moment by men, women and children in the building. (Yes. I said children. W.o.e.)
~~~ made a ton of friends when I first got there, but as I continued to drop the pounds, the love was quickly replaced with hate. (Mostly from females. No surprise there.)

February 2005
~~~ tried very hard not to get gassed. Just played my position and tried to stay under the radar. It didn't work. The men, as few as they are, began to notice. (W.o.e.)
~~~ this sparked competition for my attention and created animosity between a couple of them as a result. (I had no idea men could be as catty as women. That shyte blew my damn mind.)

March 2006
~~~ one dude seemed not to be at all interested, though. (Guys... pay close attention. A woman in demand ALWAYS notices the guy that has some subtlety to his approach. Fallin all over ya self to impress only works if she already likes you. If not, your just makin an ass of ya self for no damn reason.)

... k. My damn thumbs are on fire... I'll be back... gotta take a lil break.


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