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11.10.2006 // 6:08 am


Okay. So that break turned out to be a lil longer than I expected... my bad. Where was I? Oh yes... I remember...

March 21th 2006...
~~~ I'm down about 75 pounds and that one seemingly disinterested fellow, the one we'll call Coal, finally engages me in a conversation about how "popular" I am in the building. I decided to fein ignorance and that's when the conversation got interesting. It went something like this...

Coal: Hey. How you doin Ms. Diva?
(That's another thing. Men... don't get all familiar with a female prematurely. It's a major turn off. You'd be surprised how far just a lil home trainin' can get you. This dude stayed in his lane until I initiated the crossover. Until then I was ALWAYS Ms. Diva. Shoot... sometimes I still am... and he's Big Daddy! {W.o.e. like whoa!} LMAO!)

MD: I'm good, Coal. How are you?

Coal: I'm a'right. Um... you know Ms. Diva, you got alota fans in the buildin'.

MD: Yeah right. A psychotic 10 year old (w.o.e.) and an even more psychotic security guard (w.o.e.). Oh yeah. I'm just Little Miss Popularity aren't I?

Coal: Nah. Not just them. There are other people too.

MD: Oh really? Who?

Coal: Um... I can't tell you that yet.
(He gets all nervous and can't look me in the eye. So damn cute.)

MD: Why not?

Coal: They not ready to let it be known yet. Don't wanna come off all pushy and overbearing, you know?

MD: Okay. That makes sense. But since you know who "they" are, give them a message for me. Let 'em know that there are only two kinds of people in this world; people who watch things happen and people who make things happen. They need to figure out what kinda people they wanna be. And they need to be quick about it since Ms. Diva ain't nearly as patient as she used to be. You feel me?
(Well gotdayum! The old Macdiva never woulda took it there... Sheeeeiiit! I'm BAWSAY!!!!! LMAO!!!)

Coal: I hear you. I'll be sure they get the message.
(That's when he smiled the sweetest smile I've ever seen on a grown ass man. God! He is just... so... YUM!)

So... that's how it started between me and Coal. I got a buncha stuff to put up here. As I'm writin' and all these little incidents and conversations keep comin back to me. Slowly but surely I'ma post 'em. The next post'll be about the weight thing though. I'm down 97 lbs. now and my entire life has changed. So, I'll post how I did it and then, little by little, some of what happened as a result. Warning: not all of it is good.

Til then...



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