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2003-01-28 // 9:46 a.m.


Well... at least he kept his word.

The wife asked who I was. (I told y'all didn't I?)

Anyway, he answered exactly the way he said he would,"She's my best friend... When something's on my mind she's the one I go to... I can talk to her about anything."(oh geesus)

Wifey asks, "How often y'all talk?"

So here he go, "Everyday." (oh my damn!)

So then she wants to know how come I don't call the house. His response was that it was out of respect for her. That I didn't want to put her on edge by having a woman she didn't know just start calling the house out of the blue. So in her attempt to be the bigger person (yup... the same bigger person that went through his address book, found my number and called it.), she says, "Why don't you have her call the house? It's ok, she can call the house." (Er... Uh... Nah... Dat's aight.)

He then shared with me the fact that his last "good friend" called the house after a similar incident and the two of them (the wife and the friend) chatted a few times... actually got kinda friendly. (and just incase you're wondering, the answer is yes he was f*ckin his "friend" at the time.)

Anyway, I guess her plan is to try and feel me out to see exactly what the nature of the relationship between me and DC actually is. (not that someone who would befriend her husband's mistress is even capable of fleshing out the details of an extra-marital affair, but whatever.)

Now he talkin bout gittin saved cuz his life ain't got no structure. Good idea except he still wants me in the picture.(uh... yeah... I'm thinkin any church he go to gon have some issues wit this lil situation me and him got goin on ri huhr!)

Not for nuthin, but this ride is getting way too wierd.



P.S. Visions of her and DC having make-up sex really f*cked me up this weekend. More than likely, that's the reason I ended up giving my number to some creep I met at the club Friday night. I swear... when I die, I'm comin back as a rock. Nobody f*cks w/ rocks. Their life is so simple... *sigh*


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