... firm yet friendly boundaries

2003-01-29 // 2:00 p.m.


Things are changing and we both can feel it. He's less forthcoming... I'm less inquisitive. The 143s have come to a screeching halt. (I kind of miss those)

Anyway, in exactly 31 days, DC will be making his second trip to NYC. The first time he came, he was here on business. This time, he's supposed to be in Philly for 3 days. On the third day though, he plans to drive up here and stay the weekend. Kinda gave me a funky vibe now that The Wife knows who I am and that I'm an NYC chick.

So this is me trying to set firm yet friendly boundaries...

macdiva (11:19:04 AM): are u still coming to the city in february?

DC (11:19:45 AM): the way it's lookin...........

DC (11:19:54 AM): hopefully

DC (11:20:26 AM): the test is 26 - 27

DC (11:21:04 AM): endin 11:59pm 2-27

DC (11:21:53 AM): so i'll have to travel the mornin of the 28th

DC (11:22:01 AM): you'll prolly be at work

macdiva (11:22:29 AM): u said u didn't want to do any time square hotels, right?

DC (11:23:13 AM): right

DC (11:23:20 AM): to damn expensive

macdiva (11:23:33 AM): what's expensive?

DC (11:24:15 AM): $300

DC (11:24:20 AM): a night

macdiva (11:26:05 AM): so what's not expensive?

DC (11:26:21 AM): $25 a night

DC (11:26:25 AM):

macdiva (11:26:42 AM): I didn't say what's cheap and has fleas

macdiva (11:26:44 AM): lol

DC (11:27:25 AM):

macdiva (11:29:51 AM): well?

DC (11:32:11 AM): well what?

macdiva (11:33:07 AM): so what's not expensive?

DC (11:38:25 AM): um....

DC (11:38:42 AM): like $75 - 100 a night

macdiva (11:38:53 AM): k

DC (11:53:59 AM): so i'm not stayin at your spot when i get up there huh man

macdiva (11:54:20 AM): no

macdiva (11:54:33 AM): is that a problem?

DC (11:55:30 AM): just wonderin why did it change?

macdiva (11:56:36 AM): Didn't think that would be very cool.

DC (12:02:40 PM): o


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