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2003-01-21 // 1:24 p.m.


So DC is really not much different from the average guy when it comes to trying to look strong and macho and all that other crap. He tries to act fearless... strong... invincible. He could be on his death bed and still wouldn't admit to being sick.

Well last night he caught a headache so bad, it "damn near paralyzed [him]." Those were his words, not mine. He got really hot, fell out on the floor and then just laid there for what must have been 5 minutes. He was in that much pain. Eventually, he forced himself to get up and pretend everything was okay when his daughter came into the room and started crying. He still has not made an appointment to see an md (medical doctor...not macdiva. lol. )

Anyway, I'm listening to him tell the story and I'm scared. I'm worried. I want to be there. And I'm thinking....

1. That had to have been so terrifying for that little girl. He is her world... and she's his.

2. What is it gonna take for him to go see a doctor? Granted this is the first time anything like this has ever happened, but once is enough, no?

3. And I know this is a little bit morbid and is probably gonna make me seem really selfish but...
If something aweful had happened... I mean really aweful... I never would have known.

How's that for a reality check?



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