... Oh Lawd

2003-01-24 // 10:53 a.m.


It was bound to happen sooner or later...

Wifey called me.

There was no drama, though.

She called.

I answered and said, "Hello?"



She just listened.

Then said, "Oh... (very long pause here) I have the wrong number."

Then she hung up.

I told DC about it this morning. Apparently he left the key guard off his phone and so she was able to scroll through his address book. (damn! damn!! damn!!!) Mine was a number she had never seen before, so she waited two whole days and then decided to call me up. My whole thing is, if you've got enough balls to break bold and call, why not say something? (I'm sorry, but that's a straight punk move right there) I'll admit, shit did kinda catch me off guard, but I didn't really trip or nuthin. I'm guessing that's cuz, to me, the fact that we really haven't technically done anything wrong let's me/us off the hook... at least in my mind. (I know that ain't sayin much)

Him, on the other hand... He seemed more annoyed than anything else. He said she violated his privacy and he didn't appreciate it! (HA! HA!! HA!!! Dat n*gga got jokes!)

Apparently, their cell phones have been an issue of contention for quite some time. He answered her phone one day when it rang and she flipped. He was pissed, but then just said, "Cool. What's good for the goose is good for this gander, right?"(Clearly dude didn't read the fine print)

Well, once he decided to keep his shit on vibrate and started puttin the key guard on at night she decided she wanted to try and switch shit up. So, she came at him wit, "I wanna be able to answer your phone when it rings. How come I can't? Huh? Why? WHY??!"

So my boy calmly replies, "Yeah... Umm... Ain't you da same fucka dat told me that I don't pay ya gotdamn bill so I ain't supposed to be touchin your phone? Fuck dat. You can just go 'head on wit dat shit dur!" (He's so country! OMG! HA! HA!!)

So after poppin a whole trailer-load-a-shit, what does he do?

He leaves the damn key gurad off and then goes to sleep. (dumbass)

Anyway, I asked him if she stepped to him at all. He said she didn't. She was acting a little wierd yesterday, but didn't say anything to him directly, so he's gon just play his position til he has to deal with it. Oh... and his plans for when she finally does ask him about me? (and we all know she will)

He says he'll tell her the truth...

I'm his best friend.

Oh Lawd.

xxoxo... macdiva


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