... all we really want is permission

2003-01-16 // 10:40 a.m.


I hate those little banner thingees that D-land puts at the top of the screen advertising other people's diaries. Probably because you only git one with a gold membership, which I ain't got.

(Yeah... I'm a hater... and what? LOL!)

Anyway, I peeped one today. I don't know whose diary it was for. That part didn't really interest me. But it said...

"...we ask for advice when all we really want is permission."

Damn, that's on point!

I was on the phone with Joi last night. And I didn't realize it until it came out my own mouth, but, you know how people always talk about "things" not being black and white? They insist that there are all these shades of gray?

Well, honestly speaking, the majority of situations in which I've found myself, have all been very much black and white. I've been the one all up in the mix... swirlin shit around until it looks gray.

Not long after that is when I usually begin my neverending quest for a homey or two willing to co-sign my bullshit. Sometimes I find 'em... sometimes (if I'm lucky) I don't. Instead I find folks that will just give it to me straight... no chaser.

"...we ask for advice when all we really want is permission."


Do you know, there's a whole day's worth of drama I ain't even gonna bother to put up here now? It doesn't even matter. I know things will get worse before they get better. I know they will.

But that's on me, right?

xxoxo... macdiva

P.S. I've been toying with the idea of lockin up this diary. I'm not sure why. I'll see how I feel. You can leave me a note if you care one way or another... or not. It's cool.


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