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10.24.2003 // 10:13 am


TGIF! This week was hard as hell. I didn't really get very much work done, there seems to be some office poitics going on that I wasn't aware of, DC has been on vacation and Dookie's IM been fuckin up... or at least that's what he told me. He's prolly just pissed off at me cuz I'm backslidin and shit. Anyway, this just has not been a very good week.

This girl I used to work with wants to go to the Copa tonight. It's her birthday, but to be honest, I really don't feel like being bothered. I just wanna go home, git ugly, and watch TV until I fall asleep. I know things have begun to really get to me because I did some online shopping the other day... all day the other day. That used to be my other addiction (other than DC that is). I don't even know how much junk I've purchased off of ebay in the past, but I finally got that monkey off my back. But this week, I started shopping again. Nothing major... just some accessories and DVDs... and CDs... and a couple of books. But the point is, I bought a buncha crap that I don't even need. You best believe I'm keeping it all though. The idea of paying for shipping something back is just fundamentally wrong to me. I mean, I paid to get it here. I gotta pay to send it back too? So basically I paid to see that shit up close?? Nah. I'm keepin it all.

I'ma prolly post again before the day is through. Lord knows I ain't gonna git no work done, not feelin like I'm feelin.


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