... prayin soooooo hard.

08.14.2003 // 10:29 am


I really shoulda wrote this yesterday, but I was so freakin heated I couldn't even speak much less write about this shit.

We had a bomb scare at my job yesterday.

I work in an enormous building with Lawd only knows how many agencies and companies in it, but apparently all those agencies saw fit to have their employees leave the building, yet nothing was told to anyone on our floor til the last minute. Fine. Communication can be an issue at times, but once the situation is known, the logical thing would be to have us leave the building also, ri?

Nah... That woulda made too much sense. So we all hearin bout the scare, but nothin else. We look out the window and the whole street and the Tunnel have been blocked off. No traffic in either direction for two blocks. Yet we on the ninth floor lookin out the fuckin window. So in twos and threes people started to leave the floor. I also ended up leaving with two of my co-workers, but not before the new coordinator of our program reaches as far as she can up the crack of her flat ass and comes up with this bullshit here.....

"Well... I looked out the window, and it doesn't really look like anything major... I can't force you to stay so if you want to leave, you can just take your lunch now and that will be okay." Then she proceeds to walk out to the elevators behind us mumbling the whole time about how she really doesn't think its that big of a deal because no one notified us about anything. She walks over to the reception desk and asks the security guard if he knew if the building was being evacuated. His response...

"No ma'am. Nobody no call me an' tel' me no thing. I no know no thing bough' dat."

At that point we git on the elevator and proceed to leave the building. This was at 12:20 pm.

By the way, you all know I work in domestic violence, ri. Well, four hours per week, everyone here (including the fuckin coordinator i'm takin about, even tho she don't do that shit) is supposed to man the hotline. WHich means between the hours of X and Y, it's your responsibility to pick up the hotline of it rings. It rings in everyone's office, so if you happen to go pee or something someone else can always pick it up. So yesterday, I was on from 11 am to 1 pm. Before we got on the elevator to leave I told her, "Look I'm on hotline til 1:00. You seem comfortable enough to wanna stay. Can you cover me til the end of my block?" This bitch goes, "No. I have somewhere I need to be." Fine. I wasn't gonna stay in a potentially dangerous situation just to answer the fuckin phone anyway, so I jetted.

Now, I need to tell you that there are exits to the east, north and south of the building. When we got downstairs, you couldn't get out of the east or north exits. The flower shop and cafe on that side were locked too. So we had to walk all the way down to the south side of the building and go through some revolving doors or some shit. We got outside and the street was flooded wit people. Bomb squad was out there, police, the whole nine yards. I was so pissed.

It took about 25 minutes for the whole thing to clear up, but we had already said we were taking our lunch hour, so we stayed outside until it was time to go back in. Here's what was in our email when we returned...

I am concerned about the way some staff members panicked and left the building without any cause. The hotline was left unattended even after I checked with security and was told that there was no emergency. I looked out the window and saw some police activity but nothing major. Of course I wasn't going to force any of you to stay if you didn't want to but minutes after some of you left, there was an announcement saying the building was not being evacuated.

For the future we should avoid undue panic without any reason and wait for official instructions. I am especially concerned about clients being at the center and their feelings/reactions when we demonstrate this behavior. Let's address this on Friday and process it amongst ourselves.

WTF???!!! Okay, first of all she was not told that there wasn't an emergency. She was told basically that he ain't know shit. That's very different from, "there's no emergency". And what does she mean "left the building without any cause"? Where was her ass on Sept. 11th?? We were up the fuckin block in this building! There's a fuckin memorial yards away to the people that stood around and waited for "official instructions" so she can shove that shit up her ass!! Then for her to say she looked out the window and it was nothing major??? Bitch, you on the 9th floor with me!! How you gon know more than me bout what's safe and you ain't even go downstairs to check?? Then that piece about our clients?! If I had a client, do you really think it would have been wise for me to try and do a session with her with the damn bomb squad outside?! C'mon Shit-for-brains!!! Think!! THINK!!!

Then she has the nerve to CC: that shit to the director of the agency. Oh didn't I mention that part? She CCs everything to her. If somebody in here farts, she CCing that shit to the director. She's such a fuckin house nigga! AAAARRRRRRR!!!!!! I can't stand that bitch!!!

She been here less than 3 months yet she been pullin this kinda crap since day one. They told her when she got hired that there would be a probationary period until they can see how she works out and if the staff likes her managerial style or whatever, but I know they gon keep her ass on staff. If we lie and say we like her, she'll stay. If we're honest and say we don't, the she'll definitely stay. She's just the kind of back-stabbing-self-serving-brown-nosing-puppet they were lookin for for that position in the first place. We hosed no matter what.

I been lookin for somethin else anyway, but, at this point, all I'm doin is prayin to God that I don't lose my cool in that meetin on Friday. I'm serious. I'm prayin soooooo hard. Y'all just don't know.

P.S. Remember I tol y'all we left at 12:40? Her stupid email was stamped 12:55. I thought she had somewhere to go, though??? Sneaky and stupid.

P.P.S. Dookey... text me wit ya yahoo id. My MSN is buggin.


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