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10.30.2003 // 5:10 pm


So after leaving me alone to wallow in this mess for the entire week he was on vacation (and for quite some time prior to that) DC begins to txtmsg me w/ bullshit and all of a sudden my spirits lift. I thought I had one cool point left for refusing to call him, no matter how sad him not being around was making me. But based on the level of joy I felt after getting txtmsgd "LEMME SEE YA DO DA LOVE SLIDE" I really do think I've forfeited that last remaining point.

Anyway, he sent me a bunch of those kinda "don't really mean nuffin" bull crap txtmsgs. I didn't answer any of them, but then he sent "YOU MISS ME?" Now I know good and well this is not about him missing me as much as it is about making sure I'm still open. So, should I have to responded to that one? Of course not. But, of course you know I did. I waited for an hour and then sent him the reponse he gave me when I ask him that very same question about a year ago... "only if you miss me". Okay. How much bullshit is that? LOL! Well, three hours after I sent him that txtmsg, my cell phone rang. I saw it was him, felt my stomach tighten up real quick and then decided to not answer it. Half a minute later my house phone rings... its him. I answered it. (For those of you keeping score... Yes. I am, indeed, at a cool point deficit at this point... sumthin like -4 by my calculations.) So we talk, never acknowledging anything other than the topic at hand... how long can fast food stay fresh under those red light bulbs... Law and Order: SVU versus Criminal Intent... how can a 19 year old weigh only 45 pounds... the pros and cons of using the ATM as opposed a live teller... NOTHING even remotely intimate.

So... um... why did that mindless conversation make my fucking day?

How's my cool point situation? What's that? Like -5 now right?? Damn.

I did feel hella better after readin this though.



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