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03.13.2005 // 10:35 pm


Had my first photoshoot in AGES last week. I was all excited because one of our models was fresh. (FYI: I'm tryin to bring back "Fresh", "wack", "homie" and "on the strenf"... work wit me. lol.) Unfortunately, she got booked for something else at the last minute and ended up walking out on us, so the booker sent over another girl. She was cute. Too bad she only spoke Portugese and refused to eat anything for the entire day. We shot from 11:00 to 7:00 and whenever we offered her food, she'd screw up her face and say, "Food? No. No food." Ole girl looked like she coulda used a damn sandwich if you ask me. But hey, I guess 6 ft. 12 lb. Brazilian Supermodels don't do that whole nutrient intake thing like the rest of us mere mortals. LOL! It's all good, though. She gave good face. That's all I cared about, really. There was a second girl, but she wasn't an agency model and I wasn't really into her, but the photog is friends with her so, we worked with what we had.

All in all, I think it turned out okay. I'm gonna try and start shooting more often now that I have the time. I'll admit I have had a hard time in the past with people in that "world", but I still love fashion. And I love that I know how to make pretty girls drop dead gorgeous! So what the hey... I'll give it another go. I've got to go get my prints tomorrow. I'm a little nervous. I haven't worked in a while so I wasn't as confident as I could have been. Everybody seemed to be happy with the job I did though, and the contact sheets looked decent. So, I guess I'll know exactly how decent once I see those suckas blown up to 11x14. Wish me luck.

Seacrest OUT! LOL!


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