...I'ma be back

01.10.2007 // 7:20 pm



Right huhr is all da shyte I have to post about as soon as these "Quality Review" people are don stressing me the f*ck out at work...

- Coal tells me he feels jealous when I mention other guys even if they're just friends.

- I got myself in some MAJOR trouble and called Coal to bail me out. (That was stupid.)

- I am a total hypocrite for rejecting a really nice guy because I don't like how he looks.

- Married dude steps to me at the office Christmas party while his wife is in the room.

- DC texts me to tell me he misses me and still loves me. WTF??

- Nice guy turns out to be a stalker. I'm dodging him like crazy,

- Coal put me on warning on New Years Day... He doesn't plan on making walking away from him easy.

- I endured two days of straight up sexual harassment by Coal. NOT SEXY!

- Coal is having a hard time getting over the break-up and sent me three loooong axx voicemails explaining why he "doesn't want to get over it".

- Coal introduced me to his son today. having a hard time labeling what I'm feeling. (Not about "lil coal" but his mother. Oh boy. This one's gonna be hard to write. I know it already.)

- A little background info on / a f*cked up encounter with a chick named Bubbles. (We DON'T like her!)

- My job and why I need a new one. (Not just a rant)

This alota shyte. I know. I'ma be back.

xoxo... md


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