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10.22.2003 // 9:43 am


I dreamt about DC last night. I didn't really get the meaning behind it, but here's what I remember...

We had just made our way up two fights of stairs. I was so freakin psyched to be in his apartment. I could have sworn he lived in a house, but whatever. I wasn't gonna split hairs. He told me to continue walking up to the third floor and his mother would let me in... His mother? How we gonna do the "grown up" with his mother in the apartment? That is why we were there, I assume. And what about his wife. She has to know he has one. Why would she encourage him creeping? Again, deciding not to ask any questions, I entered the apartment, and she told me to sit and wait for him. She was about to leave the room when she turned back abruptly and locked the front door. She knows he coming up in a minute. Why would she do that?

No sooner did she do that than I heard keys in the lock. She looked at me. I looked at her and then she walked out of the room. I found it strange that she wouldn't just unlock the door. As it turns out, it wasn't him. It was his wife. I felt my heart leap into my throat. But, she saw me and came bounding into to room.

"Are you [macdiva]? I've heard so many good things about you!"

She did?? We made a bunch of small talk, most of which I can't even remember. Somehow though, I found myself having my feet washed by her. I remember asking her not to... begging really. But she insisted and proceeded to fill a basin with witch hazel and rose water. When she was done she moved the basin aside, and kneeling in front of me placed a towel across her lap. She massaged my feet with shea butter and kept talking. As she caressed each foot, the sensation was heavenly, yet all I can remember feeling was guilt. I didn't like the fact that I was enjoying this and didn't understand why.

His baby's mother showed up just then. She bore a striking resemblence to Kelly Rowland and also welcomed me with open arms, calling me by name just as his wife had. We were all going out. We were supposed to be taking the kids somewhere or another.

"Um... I don't really wanna go out with y'all and your kids though."

I don't remember a protest or a conversation about it. At that point we were all just walking down the street. None of the children looked alike and none of them looked like him. They all had different complexions, different grades of hair and all of 'em were bad as shit.

That's all I remember.

Now, there is absolutely no aspect of this dream that is based in reality. I have never been, nor will I ever be invited to his home. I'm quite sure his mother, wife, and baby's mother have not "heard good things" about me. And if we were to ever meet, Wifey would definitely not be washing my damn feet. LMAO!!!

What's wierd too is that, this was not a sex dream at all, though it seemed like it could have been considering the way it started. However, you know that feeling you have when you've just woken up from a really good sex dream? That's how I felt when I woke up. There was something incredibly sexual about the whole foot washing thing and that, boys and girls, is craaaazy to me.

I'm not the best at dream analysis, so anybody willing is welcome to take a shot.


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