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02.04.2004 // 1:14 pm


I'm back. My job sent me to Albany. Actually, my boss was supposed to go, but didn't want to. So guess who got to freeze her ass of instead. (insert angry face here) I went with a co-worker that I really only have a surface working relationship with. But you know how when you stay over night somewhere with somebody, they automatically wanna bond and shit, ri? Why was this chick askin me all kindsa questions? Like, "when are you gonna have kids?" and shit! I'm like, bitch I don't know you like that! Then she wanna grill me bout whether or not Saul and my other office roomie are humpin. WTF??!! The more she talked, the more I felt like this is the LAST person I need to be tellin anything to. Please believe I won't be fuckin wit her too much while I work here.

As far as the trip. It was awful. The conference was boring. The gala afterwards was corny. My train home left 2 1/2 hours late. As a result, I missed El's performance at SOB's cuz I was too tired to go. Yes El... as in DeBarge. I was so blown. The only highlight of my evening was watching TopModel on UPN. Not for nuthin, I still have yet to fall in love with any of the girls on there. There's nobody I am really really rooting for yet. Last season it was all about Robin aka "Ms. Soybean". I swear she was like a really thick sexy Whitley Gilbert. LMAO.

I'm out. I have to meet with this actress who wants to audition for our street theater project. Oh yeah! The diva's doin big things y'all... well not really. I'm just in a fucked up mood so I figured I'd fake it. Later.


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