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06.13.2003 // 2:52 pm


I was having a really good day. I made plans to see my little friend. I was doing fine. Then DC decides to send me the only fucked up message!

Now, I'm all for people being or trying to be friends "afterwards", but that shit only works when there are boundaries and mutual respect. But I guess DC ain't get that memo.

Why did this prick, at exactly 2:21 pm today, write and tell me about how he just got finished fuckin some broad in his job's parking lot??

Should I care? Of course not. It has nothing to do with me. But damn, I'm human ain't I?? He has to know that shit would be hurtful for me to hear... or at the very least, none of my business. Why go out of your way to tell me that shit? Especially when I haven't even really been fuckin wit you like that lately! I mean, up until he pulled this mess out his ass, all we talked about today was the damn weather! For real! The weather! That's it! And I was fine wit that. But then, out the clear blue, he decides to shit on my feelins for no reason at all.

"I just had sex in the garage."

See now... that's the kinda bullshit you keep to your gotdayum self! I still got feelins I'm workin through! I may act like everything is all coochie crunch, but don't get it twisted...


xxoxo... WTF?!!


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