Apr. 24th of 08

11.29.2008 // 7:15 pm


I really do need to start being a lot more honest about this situation. I have a responsibility to myself to make sure I am not repeating old patterns yet again.

I have consistently found myself dealing with people who have issues with time management. Whether its because they don't see me as a priority or because they are just bad with time, it doesn't matter. It has been a recurring theme and this time is no different.

TJ volunteered to come get me at 4:00 from my class today. He needed to be at his new job by 4:30 though. So I told him I would call him in the morning to tell him what time to come get me. I called all day long... 5 times in all. I left messages and at least one time he did answer the phone an the call dropped. But the point is, I did call like I said I would this morning to confirm but he didn't call me back. In fact his phone was off until around 3-ish. At 4:30 I left a message telling him I was going home. So now I'm annoyed cuz its 4:34 and I'm riding the fckn bus.

I called him at 6:00 since I find it odd that he wouldn't call me back at all. He answered his phone. I could here people in the background. I asked what happened and he was really nonchalant about the whole thing. He told me he was asleep, claimed not to have gotten any of my messages and then told me his stomach was hurting from something he ate. I just said, "Ok. I'll let u go then." Bust how this dude just said, "Okay," and then hung the fck up! Whaaaaat? I am, of course, severely peeved right about now. So what do I do? I do the unthinkable....

I call Brown. Yes... Brown. His voice is annoying to me. His jokes are corny. And on top of all that, he told me gained a bunch of weight. He was gaining slowly before, but I didn't notice cuz I was infatuated. The last time I saw him though, there was definitely a bit more junk in the trunk than I recall. So for him to tell me he gained even MORE weight... oh boy. I don't wanna know what's up with that. I just called cuz I was annoyed with TJ.

Now I'm about to call DC and then Coal. I don't have anything to say to any of these people. I just need to talk to a dude right now.

I did what I said I would do and I actually feel better. Every one of em was like "What? You're actually calling me??" Hahahaaa!!


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