... I think I hate her.

2002-12-03 // 2:13 p.m.


Do you know what I hate?

I hate when I'm in the middle of having a conversation with a person and I'm sharing some real hevay sh*t and all of a sudden, they turn it all around and instead of supporting me, they make it all about them.

I can understand using your own life experiences as a means of illustrating empathy. That's cool. I dig that.

But don't compare your situation to mine and then act like my issue is no big deal!

I cried yesterday.

I had one of the most intense therapy sessions with a client I have ever had This sista told me things about her life that just shook me to my core.

So I cried.

I waited until the session was over and --- in the privacy of my own office --- I cried.

Later on, I spoke to my boss about it.

Why did this woman feel the need to not only belittle my reaction to this client's trauma as "feminist bullshit" but then proceed to tell me her family war stories about the Holocaust?! So is she saying that that shit is REALLY traumatic and my client's experience wasn't?!

I don't like my boss.

Not really.

I never did.

But after yesterday...

I think I hate her.


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