...wuz da matta wit em lawd?

05.01.2003 // 4:12 pm


Ok, this is how you know you live in the ghetto.

I get on the bus at 7:30 this mornin and see, for the second time in a month, the same triflin ass sista with her two kids in tow. She's dressed to kill. Her kids, however, are sittin on the B26 wit their clothes all dirty, hair all fucked up, lookin like they got a damn problem. One of em is munching away on a bag of Crunchy Cheese Doodles (clearly the breakfast of champions). And the other one? Well he's just a baby and he needs his rest, so Mommy Dearest decides to sing him a lullaby... "The Remix To Ignition"!!!

*sigh* ... wuz da matta wit em Lawd?

xxoxo... macdiva


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