...YO.... what the hell, man???

11.21.2006 // 10:25 pm


He avoided me today. He needed to get in my room and I left for literally two minutes... in those two minutes he was in and out before I even knew it. He accidentally came back in thinking I had left for school, though. I leave pretty much right at 3:00 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It was awkward, but he said, "Hello" and I smiled and waved. The whole thing was kinda fucked up, actually. So I left and went to class. I was done by 6:00 and decided to drown my sorrows in carbohydrates and new clothes. I know it's just a way of avoiding my true feelings but the way I figure... hey, at least it ain't crack. Anyway, I had four huge shopping bags. I love that look... more gear than you can fuckin carry. All I needed was a baby blue convertable to dump that shit in and a lil 4 ounce doggie to guard it all while I bought more. Lol. Anyway, by 8:10, I was walking up my block and into my house. This next part concerns me a bit...


Coal: Shoppin again. Big bags gettin off the bus.

Macdiva: Lol. Where you at?
That "lol" was a totally gratuitous attempt to mask my shock and confusion. I was very much not "laughing out loud".

Coal: The job. I am watchin you.

Macdiva: How you do that?

Okay... Our job is about three miles away from where I live and he doesn't get off until 9:00. So how is he at the job at 8:20 and watchin me at the same time? Was he outside my house when I got off the bus and then drove back to the job and then decided text me? His car is kinda hard to miss though and I didn't see it on the block. So, even if he did come see me and then go back to work, whose fucking car was he in? Did he have somebody else watch for me and then call him? He never did answered my last question and so I went outside to look to see if he was out there, but he wasn't. If he was, I didn't see him. There were some cars with tints, but I don't think anybody was in em.

YO.... What the hell, man???


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