... what if?

11.10.2003 // 9:36 am


Of late, he hasn't been kvetching about the mrs. too much. My guess is either everything's okay right now... or he's salty cuz I told him he'd never leave and that all he does is complain... or he's complaining about her to his new friend.

Oh, I didn't mention her?

Well, apparently he has grown somewhat attached to this person of late. Of course they're "active". He wouldn't be DC if they weren't. I actually don't feel anything right now. Just kinda numb. I can't front though, when he mentioned her, I got mad jealous. I ended up making up some bullshit excuse about having to go and then logged off without saying goodbye. That was Friday.

He called me on Saturday to tell me about his boys. They have football every Saturday and he calls me from the games. He's been doing that for the last few weeks. Then he told me about how tired he was. How he had to go run an errand for his mother. Blah Blah Blah. Just a bunch of mundane bullshit. I just let him talk. As I listened though, I had the same thought I always seem to always have when we talk, "Why does he talk to me and why do I listen?" This whole thing is just so unhealthy. The more I think about just how deeply he's managed to embed himself beneath my skin, the more it disturbs me.

That's when I start to think, "What if I never get over this nicca?" I mean...I know I'll get over him, eventually. But I'm just sayin...what if?


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