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2003-03-18 // 8:30 a.m.


fascinated by a scar as long and thick
as his mahhood,
her salvation on the line,
she stroked his thigh
and would later decide
to submit now
and atone later.

she felt better
knowing this hadn't come about
in any conventional manner.

no smoke, drums or bass or
baby what's your name?
over wine or spirit
or miscellaneous bullshit.

he was sober.
she was lucid.
it was the middle of the day
and just as plain he said,

i got a situation.

and now with her every breath,
his head on her chest,
her breasts rise and fall
as she recalls her one golden rule
used to be,

i don't 'do' married

but 'never' is God's word
and while made in his image,
she ain't been God-like
since this started.

so she and he both lay there
basking in the afterglow of their sin,
promising to repent
she can still hear his whisper.
a southern drawl as long and thick
as his manhood saying,

i love you.
thankyou for letting me come here

and cum here.



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