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01.23.2004 // 3:00 pm


I swear man. Something must really be up wit me cuz every damn thing has been gettin under my skin, yo. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I've had a really rough week. I guess that could be part of it.

Bust how, this lady on the bus this mornin was sippin a cup of tea she had in a bag. Why she take the tea out, ball the bag up, and then tuck it in between the back of the chair and the window? Now... I'm almost positive nobody else on the bus gave a damn that she did it. But can I tell you how bad I wanted to kick her in her neck?! I'm like... like y'all mutha fuckas always talkin bout how fucked the neighborhood looks and how "certain" people's neighborhoods are always cleaner and more well kept. Well, Einstein, if y'all wouldn't do that kinda shit, maybe where you live could look a little more inhabitable as well. Here was the kicker for me though. Why did this broad get off the bus at the next stop and proceed to walk right past a perfectly well functioning trash can less than 3 fuckin feet from the bus exit???

Okay. I know somebody out there is thinkin, "damn. md need to git a hobby" but I'm sayin. Why complain that you live like a savage if you're the one creating that environment for yourself? Black folks always wanna talk about inequality in government intervention, and how fund alocation is lopsided and how we live in a racist society that conspires to undermine our efforts to git our piece of the pie. Well you know what? If you gon eat the pie and then drop the bag on the fuckin ground in your OWN damn neighborhood, fuck you and the pie! I'm not tryin to hear you.

Yo, there's so much shit I need to write, man. I was thinkin I'd start from today and work backwards, but now I don't even feel motivated write anything at all. Here's the short list:

--- Yesterday I found myself resenting the fact that I have to work. I felt crazy shiftless, yet justified in my anger at having to actually earn a living. Crazy, ri?

--- The people in my office are pretty nice. But there's this one broad that has a thing for Saul. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be cussin her ass out pretty soon. I'll write about her triflin ass another time.

---I'm no longer speaking to a "friend" of mine who I've known for over nine years. She's ghetto... always has been. But, I've finally had my fill of the bullshit. So I haven't fucked with her in like 2 weeks.

--- DC called 2 days ago. Our first converstion in a while. I haven't been on line too much. I'm growing accustomed to not having him around. Whenever that happens though, he starts calling again. Whatever. Ain't nuffin changed. I respect myself more when I resist him, so I'll just leave things as they are.

--- I'm sure there was sumfin I was supposed to add right here, but I can't focus right now. I got mad work to do. And, yes, I am mad about it.

--- Jada is still the bomb.

Aight. I'm out.


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