... this is a test

12.30.2003 // 5:11 pm


This has to be a test...

DC called me last night and in the midst of the conversation, he let something "slip". Something REALLY important. Dang, I can't even put it up here. That's how MAJOR it is! I was like, "I know he didn't just say that shit wit me on the other end of this phone!!" (I know its hard to share my enthusiasm without the benefit of knowing exactly what inspired it, but hey, life is rough sometimes. lol)

Anyway... so then today comes and he IM's me and asks if I remember the first time we spoke. When I tell him I do, I launches into this all out inquisition as to why is that date significant to me... and when did I know that what we had was going to "become something real". Nicca just started Marsha Clarkin me like a mutha! But then when I ask him what's with the 20 Questions, he goes, "hmm... just curious."

Yeah. So, I figure I'm being tested... not by him... just in general... by like the Adultery Fairy or some shit... just to see if I'm gonna follow through with doing what I said I'd do. Its hard to stand your ground when these kinds of things happen though. Damn.

oh... this has nothing to do with anything, but... umm... am I the only one who fell the fuck out when Micheal Jackson said the word "Doo Doo"??? ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!


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