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06.23.2003 // 10:56 am



I been tryin to post all damn mornin. Lemme hurry up before d-land f*cks me again and then I can't write sh*t.

Hey... speakin of f*ckin me... I had a VERY GOOD WEEKEND!!!! Whooooohoooo!!! I'll spare you guys ALL the details. I told Bleek all about it last night and I think it may have been a little too much for the poor guy. Dude talkin bout he can't talk to me at nite no more cuz after we get off the phone he can't sleep! Ha Haaaaaaa! I love me some Bleek.

But anyway... I got me a homey from outta town... Cali to be exact. He's here on business for two weeks. So yesterday afternoon, I go to where he's stayin... just to check him, you know. Okay... so...

1:30 i leave my house

2:25 i call him from around the corner

2:30 we hug in the hotel lobby

2:34 we up in the room humpin

((((insert macdiva doin the hoochie-coochie dance here))))


I really couldn't tell ya how it happened, but I can tell you this... i went home at 8:30 that night and me and my jump-off neva left the room! Talk about relievin some stress up in that piece! Ooh yes Lawd! Dude brought out a side of me I ain't seen in... well, since... since NEVER! lmao!!

Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh! And I can't leave out the best part!!!

So at 2:34 we up in the room humpin, right? Why at 2:35 I get a text message from DC. Apparently he's horny and wants to (and I quote) "bust one".

Y'all know I ignored that sh*t right?! I'm thinkin, "Yeah well, you know what nicca?? I got mines! You worry bout yours!!! LMAO!!!"



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