... stank ho

10.15.2003 // 3:23 pm


You know who trips me out for real?? Those 2 or 3 heads that come through my spot knowin good and well there ain't nuthin new up here! LMAO!! Don't git me wrong. I am TRULY greatful for the love. But I just start rollin when I picture folks lookin at their buddy list like...


If there was a new entry her name would be red...

Her name ain't red though...

Maybe dland is on the fritz...

Maybe its my monitor that's buggin out...

Maybe i've developed spontaneous color blindness...

You know what?

Anything's possible.

Lemme just click dat shyte and check just in case.



Flaky beotch.

I knew she ain't write shyte in there.

Stank ho.


I love y'all. I swear I do!



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