... sick of this shit

02.18.2004 // 3:22 pm


I have so much to write I don't even know where to start.

Turns out Trini is married. I dropped his ass like he was on fuckin FIRE! I'm not gonna bother going into all the details of what we did when we hung out together or how much I liked him or how I really wanted this to work out. All that matters is that he's married and I am not fuckin with that shit no more. Period.

On a lighter note, DC's wife is still having problems and I don't care. He brings it up and I don't say shit. Literally, the most he's gotten by way of a response has been, "oh word?" That's it. I refuse to invest anymore of my heart into anyone or anything that's not gonna move me in a positive direction. That shit ain't got nothin to do with me. So fuck it.

Today, I meet a guy who could be a dead ringer for DC, except he's a little lighter. He's working on his master's. We seem to have quite a bit in common. But guess what?

I'll give you one guess... that's right boys and girls... HE'S FUCKIN MARRIED!!!

You know, at this point I'm convinced it's me. Something about me just says "the other woman". It has to be me. What other explanation could there be? I'm not approachin these fools. They're coming to me. How come single guys won't come to me?

Damn, man. I'm sick of this shit! For real.


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