... she wouldn't

06.30.2003 // 9:14 am


I have a question.

Why do happily married men cheat?

I'm not talkin bout the ones that are there for the kids or figured out that it's just cheaper to keep her. I'm talkin bout the ones that would admittedly cut off their right arm for their lady.

Why do those motha fuckas cheat?

It can't just be the pussy. I mean, pussy is pussy, right? So, if you truly value your wife and your family and the life you have fought so hard to build for yourself, why would you jeopardize losin it all just for a lay? Is it really worth it?

I know what y'all thinkin...

Why MD askin all this shit now? It's not like she messin wit no married man, right? Not again, anyway? She couldn't possibly...
Not after all the shit she done been through with DC. She didn't go there again...
She couldn't...
She wouldn't!





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