... she broke it!

05.21.2004 // 11:10 am


There's this fat lady in the training I'm taking. Not really really fat; just sorta plump around the middle. She has skinny arms and skinny legs but a kinda jingley jangley gut that wiggles around alot when ever she moves. It sorta looks like two kids fightin under the covers. But, whatever. That's not the point of the story.

We were broken up into small groups in order to do these role plays. When it was time for her group to go, she pulled a chair into the center of the room, sat on it, and BROKE IT!!! I mean, homegirl demolished the fuckin chair!!! The back went flyin in one direction, the legs were all splaid out on the sides, and the seat just stayed wedged up under her ass! Everybody rushed to help her, and all I'm thinkin is, "Gotdayum, homey. Glad it wasn't me." LMAO!!!!

Now in her defense, this is not the first time one of our conference room chairs has broken when somebody sat in it. My co-worker, Africa, broke one about 3 months ago, and he's really slim. I'd give him about 150 lbs at the most. Apparently the chairs are just really cheap and plus they've had them for ages. Folks in the room mentioned that, too. But you could tell she was just totally mortified to have that mess happen in front of a room full of people. She's fat and the chair broke when she sat in it. That's all she'll remember. That's all most folks will remember; not that we have ghetto ass office furniture and will prolly git sued behind that shit eventually.

Yo... is it fucked up that the image of her big ass hittin the floor was my motivation to git back to the gym? I mean, it's not like I laughed at her or nuithn. Shit. It coulda been me. But I'm sayin, I don't want that to be me.


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