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05.10.2004 // 4:51 pm


Okay, I know I said I'd send the scripts to you guys, but so here's what I'll do instead. (No special reason. I'm just lazy. lol.) Here's the site where I got the scripts.


It's pretty straight forward. Just search the list for the effects you want and then cut and paste the dhtml scripts where they tell you to.

WARNING: there's one that says something about going full screen. DO NOT CLICK THAT. I did and had to click Esc about 100 times before I got my damn screen back to normal. Ctrl+Alt+Del didn't even work. I guess that's the script that those obnoxious porn sites use when you try to leave their page... not that I'd know anything about that sorta thing. (~giggle~)

Anyway. There's the link. Have fun!

(btw, "undertow" is the perfect word for keirah <--- @ phonetics)


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