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11.24.2006 // 9:06 am


This was originally supposed to be a place where I could dump all my DC bullshit. Well, since I'm no longer head-over-heels for dude anymore, it really doesn't serve very much of a purpose now.

I named it Keirah because it's a combination of his name and mine. There was a time when I secretly wished I could have a daughter for him just so I could name her that. How fckn psychotic does that sht sound??! LMAO!

Coal never wanted any children. His 4 year old son was an accident that he begged the BM to abort. Fucked up but true. Now that he's here though, he is his entire world, so I guess that kinda makes up for it. Talkin bout the Keirah blog, though, made me remember a comment he would always make to me. I found it funny since I told him I wasn't really pressed to have kids and he kept sayin he didn't want anymore...

Coal has really, REALLY dark skin. It's all one color from head to toe and the softest I've ever felt -- second only to a new born baby. I am not exaggerating. I love his skin. *sigh* Anyway, he really digs my hair. It's long and thick with big, juicy curls... kinda "Kelis-esque" (before the haircut). He constantly had his hands in it; askin me dumb questions about it, like: how come ya shyte is so good? I swear, is that not the ghettoest question you've ever heard? I would just laugh, though. What else could I do? Well, his famous comment would always be...

Can you imagine a little girl with my skin and your hair? Oh my God! She'd look like a little doll-baby!

Dude made this comment I don't know how many times... usually right after we had sex. I could never understand why he would keep going there since he had always made his feelings known about kids. Well, me being me, it wasn't long before visions of a pretty lil jet black, curly haired doll baby started creeping into my daydreams. I feel kinda stupid sayin it now, but her name -- if it was a combo of his and mine -- would have been pretty too. It would have been ~ Raine ~ .

Oh well.


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