... oh well

12.29.2003 // 5:00 pm


DC decided to act human today. Go figure. There was a bit of the requisite banter throughout the day and then we ended like this...

DC (3:59:55 PM): well

DC (3:59:58 PM): it's been 10 min

MD (4:00:02 PM): coast is clear

MD (4:00:03 PM): lol

DC (4:00:06 PM): my boss should be at the station by now

DC (4:00:15 PM): talk to ya later

MD (4:00:16 PM): k

DC (4:00:26 PM): <~~~~~~~~IS OFFICIALLY SAYING GOOD BYE!!!!!

MD (4:00:32 PM): LMAO!!!!

DC (4:00:35 PM): lol

MD (4:00:39 PM): i knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!

MD (4:00:48 PM): i knew you'd say sumfin eventually!!

DC (4:00:51 PM): damn right

MD (4:00:56 PM): LOL!!

MD (4:00:59 PM):but that's good tho

MD (4:01:06 PM): u git a brownie point for that one.

DC (4:01:12 PM): great

DC (4:01:24 PM): so next time im in ny i'll be sure to get some

MD (4:01:34 PM): what???

DC (4:01:35 PM): brownies i mean

MD (4:01:40 PM): oh aight

DC (4:01:49 PM): cuz [MD] said we aint havin relations anymore!

MD (4:02:00 PM): you damn right we not

DC (4:02:04 PM): but whatever. that's another story for another day

MD (4:02:09 PM): um hmm

MD (4:02:12 PM): ri ri sure

DC (4:02:18 PM): well, cya lata alligata

MD (4:02:23 PM): in a while crocodile

DC (4:02:31 PM): i thought it was "after" while...

MD (4:02:39 PM): you know what. go home.

DC (4:02:42 PM): ri ri

DC (4:02:44 PM): cya

MD (4:02:46 PM): peace

Yeah... we're back to the same ole routine again. He seems really comfortable with that. Too bad severing my ties with him is my New Year's resolution. oh well... What can ya do?


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