... no words

03.20.2003 // 12:33 pm


Today is DC's court date for the second degree assault charge.
She never did drop the charges like she said she would. We didn't really talk about it, though. He told me he would be off today and tomorrow and when I asked why, he told me bout the case. "She really gon go through wit this thing tomorrow."

I didn't know what to tell him so I wished him good luck. That was all I could think to say. So, he thanked me. But then says he don't really think he gon need it. So now I'm all confused and sh*t. Then he tells me he thinks everything's gon turn out alright tomorrow cuz tonight he plans on makin sure she's in a good mood by the morning.

(insert dead silence here)

Now, I have a relatively high threshold for pain, but...


no words.



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