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11.08.2006 // 4:26 pm


Yo! I just got a Sidekick and this lil gizmo has officially become my new addiction. I didn't think I'd be able to blog on it but low and behold, here I sit; bloggin my lil axx off! I must admit tho, the entries I do on this are prolly gon be a lil short. I mean I luv y'all and urthang but I ain't tryin to get carpel freakin tunnel or some shyte. Lol!

Well, the reason I'm bloggin on this instead of my computer is because I hurt my back and I'm gon be laid up for a few days. No work. No school... oh I didn't mention that did I? I might have. I forget... Anyway, I'm in grad school, now. Ha! Who'da thunk it? So, like I was sayin, I'm gon be out of commish for a few. So I figured, lemme see if I can blog.

Hmm... what can I blog about... oh I know... DC. Not! Lmao! For those that don't know about the DC drama I put MYSELF through, consider yourself lucky. It was a mess. It's archived so you can read it if you want to. I wouldn't bother tho. It'll prolly just give you a headache and make you think I'm a bad person. Yeah. You should definitely skip it. Onward and upward!

My lastest amor d'jour is called Coal... as in this nicca is black as... LMFAO! Oohwee! This man is shonuff sexy. Sexy, but not in the traditional way though. Yup. Me likee this one mucho mucho mucho! Lol! What's funny is that, physically, he's not what I'm usually attracted to yet homey is definitely holdin his own. We got a really nice situation goin on right now too. I'll start giving y'all the background in the next entry tho. I think that carpel tunnel shit done kicked in. I'll holla.

xxoxo... md

P.S. Dookie!!!


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