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06.21.2004 // 12:34 pm


I met a guy about 2 years ago and he seemed pretty decent. I didn't really put to much into the idea of anything happening between us since he's in Philly and I'm not real good at that whole long distance thing. Plus I was in a situation at the time. Well, Saturday, dude sent me an email out of the blue. He wasn't sure I would remember him, and for a minute I didn't. Then during our conversation it all started to come back to me.

He was Mr. Safety. The nice guy with no girlfriend and no kids. The home owner and business owner. The one with the college degree and a head full of big fat juicy curls a sista would love to look down and see bobbin around between her... um... well... you get the idea. But he was also drama free, so my pathology at the time begged the question: what the heck did I want with him? Or, more accurately, what would someone like that want with me. (Those are the kinds of thoughts you have when you don't really like yourself as much as you should.) So, I ended up with "you know who" and the rest is misery -- I mean history.

But now I seem to be getting a second shot at this thing heah. I'm hoping like hell I don't sabotage this. Hell, I don't even know if he's a good guy for me. I just know he's a really cool guy in general. So, I'm hoping he's for me. I know it's a little odd that I'd be so hyped about one conversation with someone I haven't spoken to in years, but considering my history no one should be surprised. Lol.

By the way, the hottie from high school didn't call. I don't care though. I mean, dude was ridin the train just like I was, so how well is he really doin? LMAO!


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