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03.11.2005 // 3:23 am


Man oh man... where do I begin?? It's been so long since I posted I got all kindsa sht swirlin around in my head. It's late tho (like 3:30 in the mornin) so I'ma just give a lil mini-update and maybe come back with details later... maybe. LOL! Anyway...

*I'm still workin on shrinkin this body of mine... I'm down 65 lbs. and lovin it! Y'all know when it gets hot I'ma be actin the fool right? LOL!!

*I got fired from my job last month and while MUCH drama ensued in the office as a result, at this point I am actually kinda enjoying being unemployed. (I always was a lazy beotch. Ha haaa!) Seriously though, I'm starting grad school in the fall, so I'm just gonna chill yil then.

*I discovered I have an ulcer so I'm trying real hard to see the silver lining in things and not stress out too much. (That's easier to do without a job)

*I'm trying to learn Hindi. Don't know why though. My grandmother was Indian but she spoke English. I don't know. Just tryna be different I guess.

*I still speak to DC on occasion, but that dog don't hunt no more. I am not feeling him. What's funny is, he's convinced I'm "colder" since I dropped the weight. (He's right... LMAO!!) I do feel kinda bad tho. He keeps asking to come see me and I keep saying no. He got pissed at me the other day and pointed out that whenever he tries to make a date to come up I say I have plans and then just as it becomes official that he isn't coming, suddenly my plans disappear! Oh well. You'd think he'd stop askin at this point, right? Whatever. He'll get over it. I have. Ha Haaa!!!!!

Let's see... what else? ...

*I already told y'all DC's old lady got arrested. Well there's still some drama happenin behind that mess. I try hard to care when he talks about that stuff, but at this point it's just comedy.

*I am THOROUGHLY obsessed with Eva from Top Model 3. She is so hot it's not even funny! I loved her from day one. My pick for this season is Naima. Very edgy, I just hope she's versatile. We'll see.

Um... what else?.... I can't really think of anything else right now. I'm sleepy as hell... and mad that Dookie still got his sht locked up. Email me man!

Aight yall, I'm off to bed.


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