...like a third tit

03.25.2003 // 9:48 am



Do these dudes have some sort of lemme-just-find-a-big-girl-and-f*ck-wit-her disorder or some sh*t! I swear, man! Why did Mr.Ex txtmsg me at 6:35 this mornin?? Why? Huh? Why?

I mean... I haven't seen or heard from dude since January. Why resurface now? What the hell does he want? (well... I know what he wants, but...) I've already acheived closure as far as he's concerned. No small feat, mind you, since anybody that bothers to read the crap I write in here can clearly see that if I had a theme song, it would have to be Bag Lady. But not this time... this time I managed to deal with the issues at hand, put em all in a box, wrap it all up wit a pretty lil bow, and then put that hoe right outta my damn mind. And now he wants to see me? For what nicca? I mean, Geesus! I'm already dealin with so much right now.

I need this sh*t like a third tit.

xxoxo... macdiva


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