january 2007

04.07.2008 // 6:19 pm


Coal’s BM apparently brought his son up to the job to “surprise” him. I am starting to realize I am a very possessive individual. I don’t want this man, but just the fact that she was here did something to me yo! His son is funny though. Real shy wit me, but his father say he is never shy so I don't know what that's about. I left right after meetin him. Tried to see the mother but her car had tints so I couldn't. Didn't even know what I was feelin when I left here last night. Just real tight about the whole situation. :-


Grimace cussed me out on text message starting at 1:51 am

G: I wish you would have gave me a chance

MD: I'm not over the last situation I was in. I thought I was, but
I'm not. He and I still talk about what went wrong even though I ended
it almost 7 weeks ago. It still feels raw like it happened yesterday. I
need time to heal from this mess before I try to start something new.

G: Where there is not a future you can’t make one!

MD: I know that. That's why I ended it. That doesn't make it hurt any
less though. So I can either pretend I'm okay and half ass my next
relationship or I can take the time I need to feel better and then move
on. The second choice is a better one for me

G: I'm so instatic for you! good fucking luck!
(I’m pretty sure he meant “ecstatic” but I figured it wasn’t really a good time for a vocabulary lesson so I let it go.)

G: So nieve :-(
(nieve? um... it's naive, no?)

MD: Look, until I'm over him, I won't be able to give 100% to anyone else. I'd be setting myself up for failure. I don't want that.

G: Like I said before good fucking luck

G: Good night and good rittens!
(again, I believe the word he was looking here was “riddance” but I figured I’d leave that one alone too. Lmao!)

MD: Goodnight and God bless.

Gee. I’m such a fckn lady. ROTLMFAO!


So after ranting and raving like some sort of phonically-challenged lunatic I get this shit…

1/16/07.... 10.53am Good day my friend

And then two days later, this shyte…

1/18/07.... 1:37pm Miss you alot, sorry!

Crazy fuck!


3.21pm Had a convo wit Bubbles on the text msg but b/c the numbers are so similar, I thought it was Coal! Almost put myself on blast. She wanted me to come to happy hour. Um... no. (Bubbles was the chick Coal used to mess with before I started workin' there. He denied it, but he's a liar.)

1.26.07 3:30pm
Bubbles seems to want to be my friend. I have no idea why. SHe decides to text me...

Hey! Happy friday! Going to La Linea. Happy Hour. First avenue and
first street. You should come out! Will be there by 6. Smooches, B~

(I didn't go.)

1.26.07 4:46pm
Then she texts me again...
Hey! I am having a superbowl party in my casa. What's your email address, so i can send you the e-vite. Hope you can make it! Love, B~

(I won't be going to that either.)


I was told by Susanna (a chick that I thought was cool when I first got there but turned out to be the biggest gossip monger EVER) that Coal and I are the talk of the school. Names were given and I spoke to Coal about it and we were able to figure out who was really responsible (Susanna) and why she would try to stir up some mess*. This new life of mine is kinda scary. I’m not used to being the center of attention in a good or a bad way, so this shyte is majorly trippy.

*I have since come to the conclusion that Coal did run his mouth about the fact that he and I were messing around. He just seemed too excited about being the one to end up with the chick that apparently all the other guys in the building were checking for. I jut cant see him keeping it to himself especially since he used to love to come to me and talk about other people's business. Oh well... you live and you learn.


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