... no it ain't for sale, sucka!

07.09.2003 // 9:02 am


How would you feel if you opened your email one fine day and found this shit heah?!!


From: West Syder
Subject: Can I ask U something??
To: Macdiva

Hello there extra sexy lady

I saw your profile in a yahoo group, and like what I saw on your profile.

My work as a computer analyst and sales consultant takes me all over the untied states (where exactly are the UNTIED states?)

Itís a great job, it pays well, but causes me to spend way too many nights alone (um... are those violins I hear?)

Anyway I asked around in the Yahoo group to see if any of the female members of the group do escorting?

They told me the best way to find out was to contact the women I had interest in directly and just ask them.

So Iím asking, Are you an escort or have you ever entertain the idea? (uh.....no.) If you are not PLEASE do not be offended, it is not my intention to insult you in anyway. and I hope I did not make you MAD! (of course not... you only just asked me if I was FREAKIN HOOKER!)

But on the other hand, if you are an escort or think you would be interested in make a few dollars on the side, please do not hesitate to write me back. I would love a date with you for some ADULT FUN! (Translation: so even if you ain't a ho, if you get the notion to act like one OR your phone bill is just a lil too high this month, holla at ya boy!)

The biggest difference between SEX for MONEY and SEX for FREE is that SEX for MONEY usually cost less


No...for real. How do you react to some shit like dat???


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